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Take the breakfast, for instance. Hotels push the envelope by focusing on new amenities such as satellite radio or Internet check-in. However, the 2005 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index, a study by J.D. Power and Associates, finds that improvements on tried-and-true comforts such as a hearty, complimentary breakfast receive considerable boosts in customer satisfaction scores.

The company that introduced the concept of “complimentary continental” more than 20 years ago recently updated it to make the breakfast experience unlike that of other hotels. Its breakfast team tested 60 varieties of eggs, 15 sausage patties and 12 different orange juices and orchestrated more than 175,000 changes in breakfast alone to see that the experience stays consistent, from hotel to hotel, across the country. Here’s what the researchers developed:

Some like it hot-A well-balanced breakfast offering is a necessity for starting your day off right. The On the House™ Hot Breakfast offers hot items, with eight different menus including eggs and breakfast meats, biscuits and gravy, wraps with salsa and more. Seasonal items are also being offered to guests. Menus are selected by individual hotels based on the preferences of their business and leisure travelers. (Low-carb dieters, that includes you!)

Some like it fast-With On the Run Breakfast Bags™, there’s no excuse to miss breakfast. Available Monday through Friday mornings, each bag contains an apple, a Kellogg’s

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